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10.07.2011 - 09.09.2011

Fishing and rafting downstream Khamsara river

From Baikal Lake through the Eastern Sayan downstream Khamsara river to the very center of Asia is exactly what is considered to be a TransSayan trip. This trip is for true travelers and lovers of wild nature, magnificent mountains, rafting and fishing. The trip starts from railway station Sluydanka which is situated on the bank of Baikal Lake. The end point of the trip is Kyzyl which is the capital of Tyva.


  • Altai

    Between the ridges of mountain Altai there are numerous rivers which are characterized by deep valleys with steep slopes. Altai rivers are very interested for sport rafting. The majority of Altai water routs are of 5th or 6th degree of complexity. The 6th degree of complexity is the most difficult one and going through the 6th degree rapids is fraught with danger for life. Entirely due to this reason there are not many rivers for inexperienced tourists and one of the most popular rivers is Katun.

  • Sayans

    Sayans rivers are of great interest to the tourists. Sayans rivers are characterized by high water transparency because the rivers are fed by rains and melted snow. Sayans are mostly uninhabited areas with wild mountains and lots of fish in rivers. Sayans water routs are very different. There are routs of 3rd degree of complexity as well as the routs of 5th of 6th degree of complexity for sophisticated tourists.

  • Baikal

    Lake Baikal is situated in the center of Eurasia continent. Lake Baikal is the deepest lake in the world with its maximum depth of 1637 meters. Baikal is also the largest storage of sweet water on the earth. Entirely due to its unique fauna Baikal Lake is the cleanest lake on the earth. The transparency of water in Baikal Lake is approximately 40 meters.

  • Transbaikalia

    Transbaikalia is the territory to the east of Baikal Lake stretching out for almost 1,000 kilometers from Patomskoe and Severo-Baikal’skoe uplands (in the north) till the Russian border with Mongolia and China (in the south) and more than 1,000 kilometers from Baikal shores (in the west) till the confluence of Shilka and Argun’ rivers (in the east). This part of continental Asia combines the north taiga and prairies, the breath of the sacred Baikal and rudiments of old broadleaf forests that is why each place on this territory has its own beauty.          

  • Pribaikalia

    Pribaikalia is the territory near the eastern shore of Baikal Lake crossed by the valleys of the following rivers: Selenga, Turka, Itantsa, Kika, Khaim, Kotochik. Along the shore of Baikal Lake there are the following mountain ridges: Primorskiy, Baikal’skiy, Khamar-Daban, Ulan-Burgasy, Bargyzinskiy, Ikatanskiy, Djidinskiy. Between the spurs of Ulan-Burgasy ridge there are steppe valleys.