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10.07.2011 - 09.09.2011

Fishing and rafting downstream Khamsara river

From Baikal Lake through the Eastern Sayan downstream Khamsara river to the very center of Asia is exactly what is considered to be a TransSayan trip. This trip is for true travelers and lovers of wild nature, magnificent mountains, rafting and fishing. The trip starts from railway station Sluydanka which is situated on the bank of Baikal Lake. The end point of the trip is Kyzyl which is the capital of Tyva.


In southern Siberia between 48 ° and 56 ° of north latitude there is a mountain country Altai with its unique beautiful mountains. Around Altai there are the following mountain systems: Kuznetsk Alatau, Salair, Western Sayan, Tannu-Ola and the Mongolian Altai. The boundary separating Altai and Western Sayan is considered to be a watershed of  Biya and Abakan basins, as well as Shapshalskiy ridge. In the south and south-east Altai mountains are connected to the Mongolian Altai through the border mountain ridge Tavan Bogd Uul. South-western outskirts of Altai area are extending to the basin of Lake Zaisan. To the north Altai sharply rushes down to the West Siberian Plain.

Between the ridges along the fractures numerous rivers are flowing which are characterized by deep valleys with steep slopes. Altai rivers are very interested  for rafting. Most of Altai water routes are of 5-6 category of difficulty. A 6th category of complexity is the highest category and passing through the rapids of this category is fraught with danger for life. Therefore there are only few rivers in Altai for inexperienced tourists. One of them and the most popular river is Katun.

Among the most big rivers one can mark out Bashkaus and Chulyshman. These rivers are feeding through Teletskoye biju lake the following rivers: Chuya, Argut, Kox, Charysh, Anui, Buchtarma. Bashkaus and Chulyshman rivers are fed by melted mountain waters and summer rains.