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Johann Ferderer

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The attractiveness of such combined tours is that they allow to combine several kinds of tourist activities into one unique trip. A special notice should be addressed to the tours which combine water tourism and horse riding. In Sayans there are a lot of rivers one can get only by helicopter or by horse. These rivers are very rarely attended by the tourists, besides these places are totally uninhabited. As a result there is a plenty of fish in the mentioned rivers. Making  a trip by horse will allow to get to the place where the rafting begins as well as to see the mountains “from the top” as horse trips go through the passes and the mountains can be seen as “being placed on your palm”. Horse trips are characterized by a variety of nature zones – taiga, mountain lakes, mountain passes and meadows. Combined tours allow combining dynamic movement by mountain river with slow contemplation of beautiful mountain landscapes while riding a horse.

Going by catamarans down the rivers of Serlig-Khem and Biy-Khem

Each time when I get back home from a trip, I perfectly realize that the most interesting palaces are still before me. However, there are several places in the world where I definitely want to return and one of them is Tyva. Tyva is a wonderful mountain country which is situated in the very center of the Asian mainland. Tyva is considered to be one of the most attractive places on the Earth due to its primordial, touristically untouched nature and its original culture.