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Johann Ferderer

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Horse tourism is getting more and more popular year by tear. The growing interest to horse tourism is generally explained by the following reasons:  the problem of reducing physical exercises is successfully solved while making a horse trip; riding a horse on a nature womb in a more correct way corresponds to a definition “active rest” than doing trekking with a heavy and bulky bagpack behind your shoulders;  riding a horse provides physical exercises on all body and at the same time riding a horse dose not exclude a possibility to do some walking, thus one can “dose” physical exercises;  riding a horse fit people of various ages.


Moreover, using horses during the trip will mean that the heavy luggage will be carried by the horses, allowing you at the same time to contemplate the beauties of the Sayans.

By hunting trails through the wild Sayans

The trip goes through the places where one can very seldom feel the presence of a human being. The trip starts form the settlement of old believers on Kaa-Khem river. The uppers of Kaa-Khem river have  been inhabited by the old believers for more than 100 years. Carefully treating all the old traditions the old believers have kept in their life the main pillars of old Russian culture which have been lost in other parts of Russian folks.

From the settlement of old believers the trail goes up to the mountains, where it climbs on high passes and one can observe the magnificent ridges of the Eastern Sayan, or then descends along the mountain springs to the valleys of Sayan rivers.