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Fishing and rafting downstream Khamsara river

From Baikal Lake through the Eastern Sayan downstream Khamsara river to the very center of Asia is exactly what is considered to be a TransSayan trip. This trip is for true travelers and lovers of wild nature, magnificent mountains, rafting and fishing. The trip starts from railway station Sluydanka which is situated on the bank of Baikal Lake. The end point of the trip is Kyzyl which is the capital of Tyva.


While making this trip, one will see and feel all the things the Sayans are famous with. The trip passes along the most uninhabited and wild places where in the rivers there are numerous kinds of fish. Magnificent mountains are also very impressive and attractive, the highest point is the Peak of Military Topographers. The mentioned peak has a height of more than 3000 meters above the sea level, however at the same time the surrounding peaks have less height thus providing a fascinating landscape of the vicinity. In the area of the Peak of Military Topographers there are a lot of glaciers.

From these mountains the following rivers begin:  Kok-Khem (in its continuation Biy-Khem), Izyg-Suk (in its continuation Khamsara, Tissa river.

Joigan mineral springs are one of the most unique places in the Eastern Sayan. This beautiful and picturesque place surpasses by its healing properties the well known Shumak springs.

Rafting alongside Izyg-Suk and Khamsara rivers. Khamsara river is widely known as a pearl of Tyva and there is no arguments against it as the river flows through on the most beautiful places in Tyva – Todjinskiy basin. Khamsara is considered to be one of the rivers in Tyva which is especially good for fishing.


1st day

One will take a bus trip from Sluydanka railway station to Orlik settlement (approximately 480 km or 9-10 hours by bus). At the beginning the road passes through the Tukinskaya valley. While going by bus, on the left side of the road there is a national park – Tukinskie Gol’sci. One can easily observe the mountain peaks of the park. Tukinskiiy way ends at Mondy settlement, which is situated on the border of Russia with Mongolia. Then the road goes through the Eastern Sayan. From the left there is the Sayans ridge with its highest peak Sayan Munku-Sardyk. The bus trip ends at Orlik settlement which is the center of Okinskiy district.

 2nd day

One will take a trip by Ural military vehicle from Orlik settlement to Choigan-Daban pass (approximately 100 kilometers or 10 hours by Ural). The road passes through the valley of Sentca river and then goes along Dundy-Gol river. At the beginning of the trip one can encounter lots of Buryat farms with numerous pastures and haymaking. People even call this place “Buryat Switzerland”. After one passes Khytel farm, the road goes up and down. In this area going by Ural truck looks like taking a ride in an attraction park.

The trip ends under the Choigan-Daban pass, where the travelers will stay for a night.     

 3rd day

A walk through the Choigan-Daban pass toward Joigan mineral springs (2-4 hours by walk carrying only personal belongings). Then one will take a rest at a wild resort. Besides drinking mineral springs which are very famous with variety of tastes and healing properties, one can take mineral baths which are also considered to be one of the peculiarities of this place (the average temperature of the bath is approximately 40-420 С). After a long ride the bath will endow you with new forces and will help you to realize the virginity of Sayans nature. From the Choigan-Daban pass and till the place where the rafting begins, all the cargo of the expedition will be carried by horses, while all the travelers will take a light walk to enjoy the magnificent mountain landscapes.       

 4th day

The participants will have a rest at Joigan mineral springs. The Joigan (The Choigan) is the place of pilgrimage of buratian and tuvinian people. The Joigan resort has more than 30 unique warm and cold springs, appearing from the earth in the upper basin of Arjan-Khem. The temperature of the springs is from +18С до +40С. Deposits of mineral salts are forming amidst taiga a place with square of 150 m. The springs are hydrocarbon and carbonic. If the travelers will have a desire, one can make a radial walks on the adjacent picturesque Khelgin or Kok-Khem-Daban passes.        

 5th day

The participants will take a light walk from Joigan mineral springs till the beginning of rafting on Izyg-Suk.

 6th day

Assembling of catamarans.

 7th, 8th and 9th days

Rafting and fishing down to Ustyu-Dearling-Khol’ lake.

Usyg-Suk is a very dynamic river where the rapids and shivers are encountered very often. From the beginning of rafting one can do fishing; one can catch mainly grayling.    

 10th day

Fishing and crossing Ustyu-Deerling-Khol’ lake. In the lake one can easily catch lenoks, pikes and whitefishes.

 11th day

Fishing and crossing Aldy-Deerling-Khol’ lake.

 12th day

Rafting downstream the river of Khamsara towards the waterfall. In the basin of Khamsara and Biy-Khem there are lots of fish, however one can mainly catch lenoks.    

 13th day

Rafting downstream the river of Khamsara to the settlement of Chezylar.

 14th, 15th and 16th days

Rafting downstream the river of Khamsara to the settlement of Yrban - the end of active part of the trip. Rafting in this part of the river will leave an indelible impression because of the unique severe beauty of local vicinities. During the whole duration of the rafting downstream the river of Khamsara one can easily make excellent fishing that will bring an ineffable pleasure to the lovers of great fishing.     

 17th day

The travelers will take a trip by “Zarya” to the final point of our destination – Kyzyl, the capital of Tyva.


Type of rafting boats: catamarans Trip price: 1 350 EUR for each traveler. Price includes: services of the professional guides, all bus, horses and motor vessel trips from Sluydanka to Kyzyl, food, providing of special and outdoor equipment.


Please note the following: do not forget that you have chosen an outdoor trip and hence be ready for a filed way of life. The participants are to adhere to safety rules while rafting!


Recommended personal equipment:  

1. warm clothes (jacket and trousers from Polartek);
2. windbreak jacket and trousers;
3. waterproof jacket;
4. neoprene half-hose, wool half-hose and cotton half-hose;
5. one set of thermo underwear;
6. trekking shoes;
7. warm vest;
8. sleeping bag;
9. kayaking type shoes;
10. rubber boots;
11. wet suit

12. trousers (cotton)
13. underwear;

14. jacket (cotton)

15. swimming wear
16. hat for sun, hot weather;
17. sun block;
18. mosquito net;
19. individual first-aid kit;
20. head lamp;
21. working gloves;
22. waterproof bag (100-120 liters);
23. back pack;

24. waterproof bag for personal documents
25. personal toilet belongings;
26. knife, needles and threads;
27. tacking;
28. plate, can and a spoon.


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